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Providing a wide range of Scaffolding Services in Brunei Darussalam with two different types (Conventional Tube & Fittings and LAYHER-All Round System). Giving the finest form of scaffolding services by having its utmost time efficiency with respect to ISO Standards and Safe Ethics of Works. These two methods is enough to fit most of our client in Brunei and internationally.

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Equipment Supply

Supplying the most needful equipment especially Mobile Generators, Compressors, Welding tools & equipment, with various specifications to most of the Oil & Gas industry and its relativity. We always quote the best and most reasonable price and still suit every potential client’s need. Most of the clients will stay in contact with us especially during an ad-hoc condition.


Providing specialists that have experienced with doing SMAW & GTAW. They are holding the highest qualifications, certified with 3G-4G-5G-6G- 6GR. This will further enhance our quality of welds finish. Most of our crews achieve the required standards of procedure in most Oil & Gas industries and their relativity.


Providing a set up insignificant high skilled and knowledge crew to perform any desired task comparative to insulation works, with some of them have almost 20 years of experience. They have been trained by their senior to handle any challenges using specific tools to hinder any difficulties when given a task.

Blasting and Painting

Offers complete blasting and painting services to onshore and offshore adhering to client’s standard and specification. For surface preparation, we provide manual preparation, power tools preparation and two options for blasting method which are Vapour Abrasive Blasting (VAB) and Dry Blasting.

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