Who We Are

Borneo Systematic Sdn Bhd is a local company that has been established as genuine and well-known in Brunei Darussalam. We provide services and maintenance with a full aspect of satisfaction. Borneo systematic Sdn Bhd will provide the most reasonable price in every service, with a guarantee of fulfilling every client’s need with full of contentment.

Borneo Systematic Sdn Bhd has been trusted to provide high- quality scaffolding services and equipment rentals, as well as services like blasting and painting, fabricating and piping insulations. We believe that our scaffolding services have achieved an undefeatable time frame while implementing ISO as our compulsory standards.

Borneo Systematic Sdn Bhd is one of the LBD compliance company that has the most esteemed guidance and support from EIDPMO. We value this opportunity to recruit more of our unemployed locals, thus enabling us to sustain the LBD mandatory requirements and open doors to even more opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our esteemed clients with the finest quality of services without compromising safety elements. By also focusing on hiring locals; we endeavour to drop some of the portion of unemployment value. In doing so, we indirectly offers various opportunities and act as a stepping stone for the locals who are interested in our field.

Health and Safety Policy

HSSE and QAQC is an integral part of the overall business operations, and is applied to all activities undertaken. Defined policies are key to effective management of both Quality and Safety matters. We have 5 policies in place to guide us through our approach towards HSE:

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy

Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Land Transport Policy

No Smoking Policy

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